Monday, October 6, 2008

The mind of a child

Sunday night we were all sitting down to eat dinner and Ryan and I were discussing what would be the best scenario for our upcoming guests. Ryan's little brother, wife and newborn baby are coming to stay with us next week. We have a 4 bedroom but use all the rooms. The biggest room is ours, next is Jr's and Rykers with a set of bunk beds, extra mattress on floor under that and a toddler bed for Ryker. Courtney has her own room with a Daybed with a trundle and Riley has the smallest of rooms with another set of bunk beds. We normally give the guest either Riley or Courtney's room and put all 4 of ours in Jr's room. We put the bunk beds together to make a King size and same with Courtney's.

So we were talking how best to move everyone around to fit the playpen/ crib for the baby and have Mom and Dad in the same room. So the whole time during dinner the kids are trying to come up with something. It is fun to have conversations where everyone has an input. So we decide we will figure it out another night because we need to go up and measure some things and there was just not enough energy to do it. So we send the kids off to take a bath and get ready for bed. Later on Courtney comes back down with this............

a very good schematic of her room. She has X's on the things that will need to be taken out and a tape measure to measure all the furniture. It is so funny. She thought so hard about this and actually figured out the best way to fit the other Haskins family in her room perfectly. It was so hilarious to see her and her brothers measuring everything and the persistence in her voice wanting them to stay in her room. WOW, children never cease to amaze me. The things an 8 year old mind come up with. Good job Courtney, Uncle Devon, Cara and Lexi will be staying in your room sweet and smart little girl.