Friday, October 17, 2008

Its Farm Time

Yesterday I decided to be a BAD mom and pull the kids out of school early. Riley was out already because he had to go see the doctor for the third day in a row but that's another story for another time. We have company in town and I really wanted to take them and the kids out to this amazing pumpkin farm in Northern Virginia. So we all got ready and made our way to the school to get #1 and #2 from class. I did not tell them ahead of time because I did not want to be that mom that does not follow through if we did not get to go. They were so excited. We ended up having a great day out at the farm. It started raining on us but it was really light rain so we could deal with it in the 83 degree heat. They were so excited to see Virginia's largest pumpkin, the blue Ribbon winner, weighing in at 1,007 lbs. That was cool. We had lots of photo ops throughout the farm. The kids got to ride all the slides. We walked through the corn maze, which is new this year. It was really cool. Then we took a hay ride, which is always so much fun. We petted piglets, cows and saw buffalo, longhorn, chickens and cows. Then we were able to drink Apple cider, that is made from the farms homegrown Gala apples. YUMMMM!!! Everyone got a apple for the walk back to the car. We stopped near the entrance and everyone got to pick their very own Pumpkin. YEA, what a great day it was.


Our Naquin Family said...

This looks so awesome--that is the biggest pumpkin ever!