Wednesday, October 8, 2008

From LIVE Wire to Dead Wire

After the kids got home from school we all set down to do the most enjoyable part of our day(yeah right), homework. Then the kids decide to enjoy the weather and go out to the back yard and burn off some steam. I like it!!! I can work on dinner. Well a friend comes over and we chat while I cook. The kids are being so good playing in their own little backyard haven. Once my friend leaves it is dinner time. I call all the kids to come sit down and Riley says he is not hungry. I go track him down, lying down on the couch. He says his tummy hurts and he is cold. So I get him a blanket and bundle him up. It takes less than 5 minutes and the little guy is sound asleep. We sit down to eat and I got check on him again only to realize he is burning up. OH NO!!! I think he has a fever. My husband and I try to wake him up after hearing him wheeze and start breathing real hard. We managed to take his temp, 102.7 and I get him to take some Tylenol. Oh thank goodness, he was really lethargic and limp. I get him to drink some water and eat a few grapes. YEA, I think he might be coming to. All this time he will not open his eyes. UGH!! Thank goodness he is starting to feel better and asks for a piece of bread. Then he decides he needs a plum. Alright, he stood and opened his eyes and actually spoke to me. We are making progress. Lots of hugs and kisses later and the fever is broke and he is feeling loads better.

Looks like tomorrow might be interesting. Maybe this is just a one night thing, or least I am hoping so. Wish me luck, I absolutely hate seeing my babies get sick.