Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Birthday baby


Today is Riley's birthday. He officially went from being my sweet little baby to a big boy today. All I could do this morning was look at him and smile. Cherish those beautiful little cheeks and funny little facial movements. 5 years old today. Oh man, I only have one baby left. Riley is such an interesting little child. You see Riley is the middle child and has such a HUGE personality. My guys loves to dance. He is very smart. He loves mommy. He loves to play rough. He is a great soccer player. He throws the biggest fits. He embarrassed me more than all the other 3 put together. He has been the sickest of all the kids. He gives the biggest hugs. He gives the best RILEY kisses ever. He is very independent. He likes what he likes. He likes to wrestle with men. He gets spun up super fast. I love you Riley.

Riley was born in Georgia following a 41 week pregnancy. I was induced with him and delivered him all natural after about 6 hours of labor. My 9lb 1 oz and 21 1/4 in. beauty was perfect with his little white patch of hair behind his left ear which made him more special.

What a amazing day today is and I am so thankful God has given me 5 years with this sweet, anwry, beautiful, mean and handsome young fellow.



Worm's Woman said...

Happy birthday to another Octi baby!! it's a fab time of year to have a b-day. Can't believe he's already 5!!! Hope y'all have a wonderful time celebrating!

Charisse said...

YAY!!! Happy birthday little one. Our babies grow so much faster than we realize. Lorelli is already 3. Time passes so quickly no matter what. I have been in Georgia for 4 years. Benjamin and I broke up 6 years ago. We graduated 10 years ago. Wow.

Keyona said...

Happy Birthday baby boy!