Saturday, September 13, 2008

WORKOUT to a new me

This week has been a long time coming. I have been inspired by my Mother, my friend Carlota, and my friend Keyona. You see a number of events between these three women lead me to want to work on my body's physical shape. I have had 4 children all within 2 years of each other so I was never able to get my body back after one birth before I was pregnant again. Yeah, you are thinking this woman is crazy, I am, but you must love me for it. So anyways with each birth I have added another 3-5 pounds to my hips, thighs and butt. Not fun. If you like big butts well you will like mine, but me, I despise it. I just can not get jeans to fit correctly with a big ole boote.
So on Monday Keyona said we are starting our owrkouts together at 8:30pm. We went M-T-W-Th with another friend to the Gym. We worked out for about 45 min. each day. Friday we all had something going but I did not let that stop me, I created a workout plan for home and I completed that one in 35 mins. Perfect, so Friday night I was at a friends house doing a Partylite Show for her and another friend ask me if I wanted to go to spin class with her. The crazy person in me said yea, sure, what time. Uh oh, Did I just say I will go to spin class. OMG, yes, so I went Sat. morning to Spin class with my new friend. Ladies, this has got the be the most torture I have ever done to myself. EY, ya, ye!!! So I made it through most of the routines, 500 situps while riding, isolation while riding, sprinting while riding, squats while riding and super hard tension while riding standing up. HOLY COW, I feel like a limp noodle. I have not been able to walk correctly all day. I will do it again but I got to get a little better in shape before I attempt to go again. If you have never tried SPIN class. Try it. It is one of the hardest workouts I have ever had. And to think we had a lady over 60 in our class that made everyone else look like rookies. She could have probably road in the Tour de France while doing pushups. She was unbelievable. So I guess if I start now I might look like that when I am 60 something. Thanks J for the invite. I plan on going again but I gotta a lot of work to do to get a little better leg strength. All in all it was a good experience. Back to the gym tomorrow and on to the Cardio kickboxing.


Our Naquin Family said...

I feel almost inspired to do the spin class--umm maybe not(smile)!!