Sunday, September 28, 2008

Wheres the water?

This is a conversation that happened Friday night at my house between my 2 year old son Ryker and my friend Keyona.

K- Ryker can I have some water?

R- Yeah

K-where's my water?

R-its gone

K-Can I have some water?

R-yeah (walking to the kitchen)

K- Ryker you got my water?

R- Its in there (pointing to the faucet)

K- Ryker can you bring me some water?

R- Its all gone (opening the fridge door)

R- we have juice

K- No I want water

R-(still looking in the fridge) no water, all gone

R-(walking back to the living room where we are sitting) have juice ( as he hands Keyona a juice box)

K- Ryker I want water

R- you have juice, you have juice box

K-thank you Ryker

You guys this has got to be the funniest conversation I have ever seen Ryker have with someone. Obviously keyona was trying to confuse him and just having fun but man it was hilarious. He was trying everything to explain there being no water bottles. Keyona was insistent and Ryker was not giving up either. By the time we came back with the juice box we were both laughing so hard we were crying. OH MY GOODNESS, these children are so very funny.


Not the Norm said...

I surely will never forget that! I just love that cutie of yours!