Sunday, September 21, 2008

Soccer Season begins


Many of you know that my children are big into sports like Ryan and I. Now, as a kid I never played soccer. I was a cheerleader, gymnast, baseball, softball, volleyball, basketball, track, and cross country. I loved to be out there with the boys. So I want my kids to always dabble in many things to find what they are good at and learn the essence of team work and sportsmanship.

These are great qualities to learn and develop at a young age. Alright so last year was my first year coaching any sport. I chose Soccer because my son, Jr., was adament that I coach his team. Daddy had coached his baseball team and he wanted Mommy. Of course, I am going to do what my kids ask within reason. This seemed doable. I thought I can do this. Its just soccer. UH OH, what did I get myself into this time. I have never played soccer nor did I ever watch it on TV. OH BOY, I need to be schooled. Thank God for the internet. I did lots of reading on soccer and what is expected for different ages. OK, I think I can handle this. So I did it. It was the funnest thing I have ever done with my own kids. Hilarious!!! Watching those kids run down the wrong side of the field and score a goal for the other team. The looks of complete confusion. So I decided I will do it again. So this year Riley and Jr are on my team. Yes, Riley is rough, rowdy and sometimes down right mean, but I love him anyways. So I knew going into this that it was going to be a challenge to get him to play fair. Practice this past week was rough going with Riley getting upset for not being first to do a drill. He would fall down on the field and cry when the call was stolen from him. OH BOY!!! How do I Mother and Coach at the same time. Interesting!!! I managed to get it done. So Saturday was Riley, Jr's and the Blue Dolphin's first soccer game. The kids were amazing. They caught on very quickly. They stayed with the ball. They started to understand the difference between offense and defense and role on the field. AWESOME. Riley and Jr both were able to score goals along with several other kids. I was super proud of Riley. We did not have a single breakdown. There were no tears shed. He was persistant and a great team player. I have got to say that Riley and Jr both are great little soccer players. They had their minds in the game. They were never afraid to kid the ball no matter how many little legs were swinging at a time. It was one of the most cherished sights a mother can have and I have had the priviledge to watch my boy play a game and enjoy the game and understand what it is all about. I am very proud of them not just for winning but for getting through it and staying tough. We have 2 incredible soccer players. WAY TO GO BOYS!!!

Courtney's first game is Tuesday night so we will see how the girl does.