Monday, September 8, 2008

SEPT. 11 Freedom walk

Well Sunday Sept. 7th my friend and I had decided to walk in the 4th annual Freedom walk from Arlington national cem. to Pentagon. The walk was a little more than a mile. It was wonderful, as a kid I had done many a 10K, 5k and organized walks. This was nothing new to me. The amount of people, the amount of news media and all the organizers. It was amazing to see all the Sept. 11 families, lots of military brass and all the other people supporting our families. The walk was very well organized with several guest speakers, bag pipers from NY, PA and VA, boy scouts, sea cadets, college students, active duty military and many family members. The feeling of the day was very somber. As we approached the Pentagon we were able to see the now complete Pentagon memorial for the Sept. 11 victims. It was beautiful. Once we were in parking lot of the Pentagon we got an up close and personal view of the memorial. So sad but amazing that it is complete and will be opening on Sept. 11 2008. After moving through this area a concert was put on by the Oak Ridge Boys. If you do not know anything about these guys they started back in the early 70's as a christian band which has evolved over time to become a vrey well known country music band. Their songs were mainly military and God related. WOW, the day could not get any better. What a great way to pay tribute to the 3000 lives that were lost. Please think about the attacks on America this week. Say a little prayer for the families that are one less and think about all the active duty members and their families of today. We give so much for our country. God Bless you all and God bless you Sept. 11 families.