Wednesday, September 10, 2008

My Love Of Family

My father and his 3 sisters in order from left to right

The Courtney family cousins missing 2
I am really going through a small stage of depression or sadness I guess you could say. You see these are my cousins that I grew up with and have many many memories with. Once I graduated high school I decided to join the Air Force, I left less than a year out of high school. I have been away from all these wonderful people for more than 9 years now. Boy have I missed a lot in those years. After going home a few weeks ago for my brothers wedding I realized just how important these people are to me. Although I did not get to see them very much while I was home I did spend a few hours with them, which is better than nothing at this point. Now that most of us are adults it is so amazing and very special to me to get to do things with them and their own families. I am the kind of person that holds all my family very close to my heart. I love each of them, flaws in all, very much. Not one of them is perfect, but that is the best part. They are all different yet just as important to me as the other. As I have gone through life, looking in on other peoples lives and listening to God speak I see that family is my key to happiness. I was talking to a friend the other day and she was talking about her grandmother dieing. She said that her grandmother never wanted her rings, her couch, her house, her boat, her clothes or her car all she wanted was her family around her. That spoke to me. Because all we take with us when we die are memories, none of our possessions, only the warmth of our families. So I figure that I am right in following my heart in keeping the relationships that were formed at birth close to me. I know that I am imperfect as well but I have so much love to give. I try my best to give what I can and to continue to mold and form these realtionships. Some have died done to a simmer, my plan is to stoke them a little and get the flame burning again, but they are not lost. As a military veteran and a military wife being thousands of miles from ALL of my family and my husbands family I want you to remember how important your family is, all of them. Yes we have some with lots of problems but that is no reason to love them any less. They need you, whether they show it or not, you are important. Sometimes we let our dreams and desires get in the way of what we already have. I ask you to think about those that lost their family in murders, car accidents, 9/11, cancer and the other million things that kills. You can never get them back. Money can not buy you another Mother, aunt or cousin. They were given to you by God and they can be taken away at any moment in time. I have been very fortunate to have only lost great Aunts, Great Uncles, Great-Grandparents. I have not lost any in the 4 generations that should be living. I am so thankful all these cousins are still here. I still have time to give them a great big hug and tell them I LOVE YOU. So as I sit here with my own husband and children thousands of miles away thinking of all the things I am missing, I at least have my computer and my phone to stay in constant contact with these beloved members of my extended family. Guys, I love you all dearly, I want you to know that whatever crisis you or I go through in life you are still in my mind and I think of you EVERYDAY. If you are reading this and are a small part of my family I want you to know that I love you, I miss you and I am here. God bless America and God Bless You.