Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Help Me Mommy!!!

Ryker and I stay at home together everyday. Well, yesterday started as your ordinary day getting up and getting the big kids dressed and ready for school and making sure they make it to the bus on time. After that we did a little cuddling together on the couch, which is really nice and the 2 of us love that time together. Then we are off to do our own things. Ryker usually plays while I get some work done. While I am in the living room putting away a few toys he is in the dining room playing with his trucks. He likes to drive them in and out of the chairs and under the table. But today there was a slight crash. I did not think anything of it because he was not crying or panicking. A few minutes goes by and I hear, Help Me Mommy, Help me Mommy in the calmest voice. So I figure a truck is stuck under the fridge or something so I take my time getting to him only to find this......
Ryker stuck underneath a dining room chair. So I first ask if he is ok and tell him to hold on a sceond. I get the camera, snap a few pictures and then pull the chair off of him. The funniest part of this is the simple fact that he was perfectly calm. Not scared, not crying, just needed my help.
MOMMY TO THE RESCUE!!! I love being a Mommy and this just makes it all the better.


Not the Norm said...

Holy crap, I'm laughing again. I would have paid to see that!

Our Naquin Family said...

These pictures are too funny!! I too would have paid to see this.