Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Courtney's Turn and Mommy's Multitasking

Courtney had her first game Tuesday night and she did excellent. It was fun to see her playing goalie. Her Team, The D.C destroyers did a fine job holding positions and keeping the ball moving. The goalie was able to sit down and be bored because the defense was so good. Yeah. One of the coaches wives is a professional photographer. She took lots of pictures and has them posted on her website you can view them at

Enjoy the photos. There are some good ones of Courtney in action. Maybe one day I will have the money to buy a super fancy digital camera like hers and get some good shots. If I keep telling myself that then maybe it will happen before the kids are all graduated.

On a lighter note Ryker decided to shimmy up the counter and get unto the counter to get a drink. He wanted a drink of Mommy's coffee. Well he gets there and is hanging by his ribs on the countertop and reaches for the glass only to slide down the counter bringing the cup of hot coffee with him. Yep, the glass hit the floor and shattered in a million pieces all while I am on the phone and while I am trying to answer the front door. So hot coffee, broken glass, crying baby, chatty Sister in Law, Friendly neighbor were all juggled at the same time today. At least he did not get cut and was smart enough to stand still. I am the jack of all trades now. HAHAHA, have a great day. I still have a smile on my face.


Not the Norm said...

Stop having so much damn fun over there! :o)