Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Help Me Mommy!!!

Ryker and I stay at home together everyday. Well, yesterday started as your ordinary day getting up and getting the big kids dressed and ready for school and making sure they make it to the bus on time. After that we did a little cuddling together on the couch, which is really nice and the 2 of us love that time together. Then we are off to do our own things. Ryker usually plays while I get some work done. While I am in the living room putting away a few toys he is in the dining room playing with his trucks. He likes to drive them in and out of the chairs and under the table. But today there was a slight crash. I did not think anything of it because he was not crying or panicking. A few minutes goes by and I hear, Help Me Mommy, Help me Mommy in the calmest voice. So I figure a truck is stuck under the fridge or something so I take my time getting to him only to find this......
Ryker stuck underneath a dining room chair. So I first ask if he is ok and tell him to hold on a sceond. I get the camera, snap a few pictures and then pull the chair off of him. The funniest part of this is the simple fact that he was perfectly calm. Not scared, not crying, just needed my help.
MOMMY TO THE RESCUE!!! I love being a Mommy and this just makes it all the better.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Wheres the water?

This is a conversation that happened Friday night at my house between my 2 year old son Ryker and my friend Keyona.

K- Ryker can I have some water?

R- Yeah

K-where's my water?

R-its gone

K-Can I have some water?

R-yeah (walking to the kitchen)

K- Ryker you got my water?

R- Its in there (pointing to the faucet)

K- Ryker can you bring me some water?

R- Its all gone (opening the fridge door)

R- we have juice

K- No I want water

R-(still looking in the fridge) no water, all gone

R-(walking back to the living room where we are sitting) have juice ( as he hands Keyona a juice box)

K- Ryker I want water

R- you have juice, you have juice box

K-thank you Ryker

You guys this has got to be the funniest conversation I have ever seen Ryker have with someone. Obviously keyona was trying to confuse him and just having fun but man it was hilarious. He was trying everything to explain there being no water bottles. Keyona was insistent and Ryker was not giving up either. By the time we came back with the juice box we were both laughing so hard we were crying. OH MY GOODNESS, these children are so very funny.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Courtney's Turn and Mommy's Multitasking

Courtney had her first game Tuesday night and she did excellent. It was fun to see her playing goalie. Her Team, The D.C destroyers did a fine job holding positions and keeping the ball moving. The goalie was able to sit down and be bored because the defense was so good. Yeah. One of the coaches wives is a professional photographer. She took lots of pictures and has them posted on her website you can view them at


Enjoy the photos. There are some good ones of Courtney in action. Maybe one day I will have the money to buy a super fancy digital camera like hers and get some good shots. If I keep telling myself that then maybe it will happen before the kids are all graduated.

On a lighter note Ryker decided to shimmy up the counter and get unto the counter to get a drink. He wanted a drink of Mommy's coffee. Well he gets there and is hanging by his ribs on the countertop and reaches for the glass only to slide down the counter bringing the cup of hot coffee with him. Yep, the glass hit the floor and shattered in a million pieces all while I am on the phone and while I am trying to answer the front door. So hot coffee, broken glass, crying baby, chatty Sister in Law, Friendly neighbor were all juggled at the same time today. At least he did not get cut and was smart enough to stand still. I am the jack of all trades now. HAHAHA, have a great day. I still have a smile on my face.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Soccer Season begins


Many of you know that my children are big into sports like Ryan and I. Now, as a kid I never played soccer. I was a cheerleader, gymnast, baseball, softball, volleyball, basketball, track, and cross country. I loved to be out there with the boys. So I want my kids to always dabble in many things to find what they are good at and learn the essence of team work and sportsmanship.

These are great qualities to learn and develop at a young age. Alright so last year was my first year coaching any sport. I chose Soccer because my son, Jr., was adament that I coach his team. Daddy had coached his baseball team and he wanted Mommy. Of course, I am going to do what my kids ask within reason. This seemed doable. I thought I can do this. Its just soccer. UH OH, what did I get myself into this time. I have never played soccer nor did I ever watch it on TV. OH BOY, I need to be schooled. Thank God for the internet. I did lots of reading on soccer and what is expected for different ages. OK, I think I can handle this. So I did it. It was the funnest thing I have ever done with my own kids. Hilarious!!! Watching those kids run down the wrong side of the field and score a goal for the other team. The looks of complete confusion. So I decided I will do it again. So this year Riley and Jr are on my team. Yes, Riley is rough, rowdy and sometimes down right mean, but I love him anyways. So I knew going into this that it was going to be a challenge to get him to play fair. Practice this past week was rough going with Riley getting upset for not being first to do a drill. He would fall down on the field and cry when the call was stolen from him. OH BOY!!! How do I Mother and Coach at the same time. Interesting!!! I managed to get it done. So Saturday was Riley, Jr's and the Blue Dolphin's first soccer game. The kids were amazing. They caught on very quickly. They stayed with the ball. They started to understand the difference between offense and defense and role on the field. AWESOME. Riley and Jr both were able to score goals along with several other kids. I was super proud of Riley. We did not have a single breakdown. There were no tears shed. He was persistant and a great team player. I have got to say that Riley and Jr both are great little soccer players. They had their minds in the game. They were never afraid to kid the ball no matter how many little legs were swinging at a time. It was one of the most cherished sights a mother can have and I have had the priviledge to watch my boy play a game and enjoy the game and understand what it is all about. I am very proud of them not just for winning but for getting through it and staying tough. We have 2 incredible soccer players. WAY TO GO BOYS!!!

Courtney's first game is Tuesday night so we will see how the girl does.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Completely heartbroken

So I will keep this as vague as possible but I just want to let some things off the heavy chest here. I am completely irritated that I have been disrespected this week. I feel like sloppy seconds. I thought that marriage included the excitement of coming home to your spouse after a long day, or boring day or busy day. I didn't know it was suppose to be do everything you can to stay away from them. This week has been very very tough for me. Someone in my life is not a very good communicator, and I have known this for a long time. But a few instances have happened, well more than a few, but I have been left in the dark only to stumble upon them by accident. First let me say that I am in complete love with my husband. I would do mostly anything for him. I have done everything for him. Lord knows that is why we live in D.C. away from my whole world or everything that is important to me. I have made some amazing friends out here that I hope will be there at my funeral. Recently, I am last to see him. He works late I mean 7 and 8 pm late and last night til 4:30 in the morning. WOW, must be important. I don't doubt it isn't. But what makes it so bad is that I have to call and figure out why he is not home yet or remind him of the time. Really? Did you forget you had not 1, not 2 but 4 YOUNG children at home. A wife that works her ass off to keep up with the laundry, dishes, back to school night, kids folders, toilets, tubs, diapers, dinners, helping out neighbors and friends and all the other things that she does. I feel like I have been hit in the gut with a fifty pound medicine ball and then laughed out by everyone that walked by. You see he is hanging with a co-worker of the opposite sex. Labeling it as a work project of high priority. Probably true, but does it have to be hidden. I am always wanting to call home and check in and make sure everyone is ok and let them know what I am doing when I am away. Is it really that hard? That to me is a sign of respect. You are married you should respect your spouse, give them the benefit of the doubt within reason. When you get the cold shoulder in the bedroom, and there has not been one night(in a few weeks) where you go to bed at the same time or within a few minutes of each other and when you are spending more time with your co-worker than your family, I believe there is a serious problem. Don't you want to know what we did during the day? What happy husband does not want to spend ample time with his family and alone time with his wife? The road is getting very rocky for me at the moment. I feel less than human. I feel disrespected. I see a pattern. A pattern that leads to bad things whether you want them to happen or not. I like to be proactive. I like to be in position when the ball is thrown and not in motion following it. Honestly, my heart is aching. Pain is not even the first place to begin or even the word to use but that is all I can come up with at the moment. I see and feel it slipping away a little everyday. I have put 9 years into this and can not even imagine not having it tomorrow. I can not be a rug that gets walked on. I need to be the hurricane that gets respect and is thought of seriously. Unhappy is the word of the day. Disappointment follows that. Loneliness goes right along with those. WOW, a girl that saved her brothers life at 3 in 6 feet of water is drowning in 2 inches. Getting so very close to walking. He needs help. I should come first not last. God help us.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

WORKOUT to a new me

This week has been a long time coming. I have been inspired by my Mother, my friend Carlota, and my friend Keyona. You see a number of events between these three women lead me to want to work on my body's physical shape. I have had 4 children all within 2 years of each other so I was never able to get my body back after one birth before I was pregnant again. Yeah, you are thinking this woman is crazy, I am, but you must love me for it. So anyways with each birth I have added another 3-5 pounds to my hips, thighs and butt. Not fun. If you like big butts well you will like mine, but me, I despise it. I just can not get jeans to fit correctly with a big ole boote.
So on Monday Keyona said we are starting our owrkouts together at 8:30pm. We went M-T-W-Th with another friend to the Gym. We worked out for about 45 min. each day. Friday we all had something going but I did not let that stop me, I created a workout plan for home and I completed that one in 35 mins. Perfect, so Friday night I was at a friends house doing a Partylite Show for her and another friend ask me if I wanted to go to spin class with her. The crazy person in me said yea, sure, what time. Uh oh, Did I just say I will go to spin class. OMG, yes, so I went Sat. morning to Spin class with my new friend. Ladies, this has got the be the most torture I have ever done to myself. EY, ya, ye!!! So I made it through most of the routines, 500 situps while riding, isolation while riding, sprinting while riding, squats while riding and super hard tension while riding standing up. HOLY COW, I feel like a limp noodle. I have not been able to walk correctly all day. I will do it again but I got to get a little better in shape before I attempt to go again. If you have never tried SPIN class. Try it. It is one of the hardest workouts I have ever had. And to think we had a lady over 60 in our class that made everyone else look like rookies. She could have probably road in the Tour de France while doing pushups. She was unbelievable. So I guess if I start now I might look like that when I am 60 something. Thanks J for the invite. I plan on going again but I gotta a lot of work to do to get a little better leg strength. All in all it was a good experience. Back to the gym tomorrow and on to the Cardio kickboxing.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

My Love Of Family

My father and his 3 sisters in order from left to right

The Courtney family cousins missing 2
I am really going through a small stage of depression or sadness I guess you could say. You see these are my cousins that I grew up with and have many many memories with. Once I graduated high school I decided to join the Air Force, I left less than a year out of high school. I have been away from all these wonderful people for more than 9 years now. Boy have I missed a lot in those years. After going home a few weeks ago for my brothers wedding I realized just how important these people are to me. Although I did not get to see them very much while I was home I did spend a few hours with them, which is better than nothing at this point. Now that most of us are adults it is so amazing and very special to me to get to do things with them and their own families. I am the kind of person that holds all my family very close to my heart. I love each of them, flaws in all, very much. Not one of them is perfect, but that is the best part. They are all different yet just as important to me as the other. As I have gone through life, looking in on other peoples lives and listening to God speak I see that family is my key to happiness. I was talking to a friend the other day and she was talking about her grandmother dieing. She said that her grandmother never wanted her rings, her couch, her house, her boat, her clothes or her car all she wanted was her family around her. That spoke to me. Because all we take with us when we die are memories, none of our possessions, only the warmth of our families. So I figure that I am right in following my heart in keeping the relationships that were formed at birth close to me. I know that I am imperfect as well but I have so much love to give. I try my best to give what I can and to continue to mold and form these realtionships. Some have died done to a simmer, my plan is to stoke them a little and get the flame burning again, but they are not lost. As a military veteran and a military wife being thousands of miles from ALL of my family and my husbands family I want you to remember how important your family is, all of them. Yes we have some with lots of problems but that is no reason to love them any less. They need you, whether they show it or not, you are important. Sometimes we let our dreams and desires get in the way of what we already have. I ask you to think about those that lost their family in murders, car accidents, 9/11, cancer and the other million things that kills. You can never get them back. Money can not buy you another Mother, aunt or cousin. They were given to you by God and they can be taken away at any moment in time. I have been very fortunate to have only lost great Aunts, Great Uncles, Great-Grandparents. I have not lost any in the 4 generations that should be living. I am so thankful all these cousins are still here. I still have time to give them a great big hug and tell them I LOVE YOU. So as I sit here with my own husband and children thousands of miles away thinking of all the things I am missing, I at least have my computer and my phone to stay in constant contact with these beloved members of my extended family. Guys, I love you all dearly, I want you to know that whatever crisis you or I go through in life you are still in my mind and I think of you EVERYDAY. If you are reading this and are a small part of my family I want you to know that I love you, I miss you and I am here. God bless America and God Bless You.

Monday, September 8, 2008

SEPT. 11 Freedom walk

Well Sunday Sept. 7th my friend and I had decided to walk in the 4th annual Freedom walk from Arlington national cem. to Pentagon. The walk was a little more than a mile. It was wonderful, as a kid I had done many a 10K, 5k and organized walks. This was nothing new to me. The amount of people, the amount of news media and all the organizers. It was amazing to see all the Sept. 11 families, lots of military brass and all the other people supporting our families. The walk was very well organized with several guest speakers, bag pipers from NY, PA and VA, boy scouts, sea cadets, college students, active duty military and many family members. The feeling of the day was very somber. As we approached the Pentagon we were able to see the now complete Pentagon memorial for the Sept. 11 victims. It was beautiful. Once we were in parking lot of the Pentagon we got an up close and personal view of the memorial. So sad but amazing that it is complete and will be opening on Sept. 11 2008. After moving through this area a concert was put on by the Oak Ridge Boys. If you do not know anything about these guys they started back in the early 70's as a christian band which has evolved over time to become a vrey well known country music band. Their songs were mainly military and God related. WOW, the day could not get any better. What a great way to pay tribute to the 3000 lives that were lost. Please think about the attacks on America this week. Say a little prayer for the families that are one less and think about all the active duty members and their families of today. We give so much for our country. God Bless you all and God bless you Sept. 11 families.

Friday, September 5, 2008



Yeah we have another Haskins!!! Finally Devon and Cara Haskins my brother and sister-in-law had a baby girl. Her name is Lexi taige and she is a beauty. Lexi was born August 14, 2008. Since we are so far away I decided I would make a Diaper cake for the little cutie. I love making things and using my hands with crafts so this was right up my ally. Plus my other sister in law was planning a baby shower so I thought this could be a good way to help her with a centerpiece and fun game. This took about 2 days to make. It was so much fun. I wish I had friends everywhere having babies. Maybe I will start a small business adventure making these. Just an idea for now. Here are a few photos of Lexi and her first cake. Can't wait to see you little sweetie. Yes they are coming to D.C. in October, can you tell I am a little excited about it. I love babies!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Jer and Sarah say I Do

My Mom and her new daughter in law

My handsome brother spotting his bride for the first time

Aug 29, 2008 7:30pm my little brother tied to knot to Ms. Sarah Hendrix. I was able to fly out to Texas and be there for the wedding. Nothing was going to step in the way of me missing my little brothers wedding. Jeremy, my brother, means as much to me as my own children. We have gone through some amazing times together and many crisis together and at the time we felt like we were all the other had. So I was not letting this go by without me witnessing it. It was a beautiful ceremony with almost a complete extended family in attendance. The best part was being able to spend the whole day with the Bride. I tried to make her feel like a Queen. We laughed and joked while getting our hair and makeup done. So much fun. I enjoyed every minute of it. I am so thankful to Sarah for sharing the day with her. I love being a big sister. It was a very short weekend but was the best short weekend I could have asked for. Thanks to everyone who helped me get to Texas. I love you guys immensely.