Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Getting ready to take a road trip

We are all getting so very excited for our annual family summer vacation. Being a military family and like most middle class families we are working with a serious budget. Although I am very nervous about our trip it is so exciting planning it and reading all the travel books and websites. BOY, it can get overwhelming too. It is all starting to run together.

I guess you want to know what we are planning huh, well we are shooting for a 2 week trip to the 9 Northeastern states. We plan on staying overnight in most if not all of them. We will start with Pennsylvania, then New York, New Jersey, Conneticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Maine and then on the way back we are going to Vermont, New Hampshire, and back through Pennsylvania.

We are buying tickets, booking hotels, and scheduling everything before we go because we want to make sure we see everything we plan to see without any MAJOR snafus. I'm sure there will be our fair share of problems, do get me wrong we are going to attempt to drive some 2000 miles with four kids, staying in more than 9 hotels, we are definitely going to have issues. That is the fun of it right!!

So we still have 2 more weeks of planning and shopping before we embark. I know it will be a blast.

Last year we drove 3000 miles from Washington D.C to Seattle, WA in 48 hours to surprise the Haskins in-laws. That was an amazing trip and one main reason we wanted to do this one. Our family takes lots of roads trips pretty often so this one should be just as memorable as last year's.

Wish me luck , I am definitely going to need it.