Monday, July 14, 2008

Conquering Fear...

It begins with my children having a slight fear of the water. We go to the pool at least twice a week to get them used to playing and going under. It has been going very well. So I had signed the oldest 3 up for swim lessons. They started last week in the next to youngest group. After only 3 sessions and lots of patience from Mommy and Daddy they are doing awesome.

Courtney had a fear of going to far under. So we are working with dive toys and fun games to get her to do it. My good friend helped the other day and Courtney actually went to the bottom of the 3 ft. It doesn't sound far but for Courtney would be like 12 ft for us. It is a HUGE accomplishment. She also got to change the color armband that she wears from Red(the lowest) to Green (the Highest). In order to change you have to complete a swim test and that is swimming about 20 yards across the pool and back withouth touching or stopping and then treading water in the deep for 1 minute. Her swimming has been very very labored in the last few weeks, but yesterday she calmed down and was swimming and talking at the same time. YEA, I am so proud of her. Still got to work on diving with her and going further under but that will come later.

Junior has got to be the funnest kid in the water I have ever seen. He recently had a yellow armband(middle) and was really pushing to get that green. So we were working on better technique at treading water. We also were working on diving. Jr is a pleaser and loves to see me smile and give him high fives. It is amazing what he will do for them. So Ryan and I patiently showed him how to dive into the pool. It was so awesome to see him finally get it. Grammy would be so proud. Anyways so we moved on to the diving board and he is doing it bbut sometimes overextends and lands on his back, ouch. Overall he is doing fantastic. He no longer needs a lifejacket for comfort and the last and best thing he taught himself how to swim on his back. He can go all the way across the pool and back without a problem. Yes, the sense of accomplishment.

Riley is still wearing a red armband but could and should be wearing a yellow. We are most definitely going to work on that this week. She can swim underwater better than all the kids. It is so funny to see him. Riley is now going off the slide without a life jacket and swimming to the side with no problem. He swims a good 10 yards without a panic and will go about 5 ft down for a toy. His one problem is treading water, he wants to go to the side. He does climb the rock wall very well though. He has gotten to the top and it is about 12 ft up. Very cool to see him fall in the water from that high up. My cute little monkey boy.

Ryker is a work in progress. But he will get in the big pool with a life jacket on and swim without me or his Dad. That is great. Ryan worked with him on Sunday and he can swim about 4 ft by himself without a life jacket. I think that is incredible being he is only 2. He loves to run in the kid pool and chase the big kids. We are still working on getting him the courage to jump off the diving board. It won't be long though. He doesn't much like the slide either but he will do it for me.

So this weekend was so great and made 2 parents shine.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Getting ready to take a road trip

We are all getting so very excited for our annual family summer vacation. Being a military family and like most middle class families we are working with a serious budget. Although I am very nervous about our trip it is so exciting planning it and reading all the travel books and websites. BOY, it can get overwhelming too. It is all starting to run together.

I guess you want to know what we are planning huh, well we are shooting for a 2 week trip to the 9 Northeastern states. We plan on staying overnight in most if not all of them. We will start with Pennsylvania, then New York, New Jersey, Conneticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Maine and then on the way back we are going to Vermont, New Hampshire, and back through Pennsylvania.

We are buying tickets, booking hotels, and scheduling everything before we go because we want to make sure we see everything we plan to see without any MAJOR snafus. I'm sure there will be our fair share of problems, do get me wrong we are going to attempt to drive some 2000 miles with four kids, staying in more than 9 hotels, we are definitely going to have issues. That is the fun of it right!!

So we still have 2 more weeks of planning and shopping before we embark. I know it will be a blast.

Last year we drove 3000 miles from Washington D.C to Seattle, WA in 48 hours to surprise the Haskins in-laws. That was an amazing trip and one main reason we wanted to do this one. Our family takes lots of roads trips pretty often so this one should be just as memorable as last year's.

Wish me luck , I am definitely going to need it.