Monday, June 16, 2008


Military life can be adventurous and exciting but it also can leave families worlds apart from each other. My family suffers from this more than we should. Although my husband does not have to go to Iraq, Qatar, or Afghanistan he must travel 10-18 days at a time sometimes twice a month. The hardest part is that it can be short notice, less than 5 hours notice. It can be very hard to plan anything that involves him knowing he may not be here. It has taken us 2 years to take a family photo at a studio because of this hardship. Frustrating!!!!

I am getting more and more used to this traveling. The kids are getting more and more immune to Dad. They have learned to lean on Mom for almost everything. WOW, I never planned for my kids to go straight to mom without even thinking about Dad. I wonder what effect this is going to have on them as they get older. Now what I did not tell you is that this traveling has been going on like this since August 2005 and will continue until April of 2010. A long time for a child not to have a steady father. A long time for a mother to put up with all the everyday chores, bills, practices, field trips, shopping, cleaning, laundry and yard work.

I know this could be worse but looking at this I wonder how many NON-military families stop to think about the thousands of families that are sacrificing something for them. Yes our military members are fighting but whatever happened to helping out the families that are left behind?
We bear the brunt of the drama, heartache, loneliness and explainations to the youngins.

We miss many holidays, birthdays, Special days and many many extracurricular events. I am used to it but I never like it nor do I like the side effects it leaves behind.

Say a little prayer tonight for all those families that are struggling and all those children that don't completely understand what their fathers and mothers are doing and why they have to keep leaving.
God Bless