Monday, June 16, 2008

Fathers Day without a Hubby

So Ryan has been in Europe for 15 days. He came home on Friday only to have to leave again EARLY saturday morning. So I had the kids make Fathers day cards while he was gone. Friday we decided would be OUR FATHERS DAY since he would be home. The kids picked the breakfast Menu the day before and were given strict instructions to let daddy sleep since he was coming in late that night. Did it happen????????????

Daddy, daddy says Ryker at 6:50am. So much for sleeping in! I decided I needed to get up and get cooking because we had an appt at 9:30 that morning for Riley and Ryker. Ryan had plans to go the library, education office and bank. So the kids and I got up fixed breakfast and Ryan came down and we had a nice family breakfast since the kids last day of school was Thursday. It was nice. Lots to talk about since we had not seen him in over 2 weeks.

WE proceeded to clean up, take showers get dressed oh, and we had to do the PRESENT ritual.
(OTS, Ryan always brings each of a special gift from all the places he travels. The minute we are home and the luggages are unpacked they are chomping at the bit to see what he has for them).
Anyways we go to our appt and all those other places. The kids insist on going to the pool so they can show him the progress they are making with swimming and diving or front flipping. We spent 2 hours playing and wearing ourselves out.

Ryan gets the grand idea to come home and get out the slip n slide that he has not seen since I bought it while he was in the EU. The kids and Ryan have a blast racing and playing. Guess what, Mommy was forced to race Daddy too. Hello, grass in the suit, yuck!!! It was fun though.

Then the kids love to go to dinner the night Daddy is first home so we tried a new restaurant on the water. It was fun, I had gumbo and shrimp creole, YUMMMMM!!!

So Friday was a great Fathers day but then we wake up Saturday morning to Daddy gone again.

Sunday is here and we must spend the without him. Being a military family I am so far away from my own father and stepfather. It can be tough.