Thursday, June 5, 2008

1st week of June

WOW, summer is finally here. This week the kids are finishing up with school. Courtney had a field trip to Bladensburg Waterfront Park and Junior had a field trip to Universoul circus. Tomorrow Riley, Ryker and I will go with Riley's pre-k class on a D.C. Duck tour in an amphibious vehicle. It should be a lot of fun.

Ryan is currently TDY to Europe until next week. He will come home and leave back out 24 hours later. Then he will be out for another 10 days here in the U.S.

So our weather has been one for the books. As you know we are in D.C. and severe weather does not happen very often. We have had more than 3 days of severe weather this week alone. Yesterday was 4 different storms that spawned several tornadoes in our metro area. It reminded me of springtime in Texas.

As for me just doing the mom thing. I have a special party on friday night for a babysitter of mine who has been amazing over the summer. I have been just doing laundry and dishes and cooking for my babies. Hanging out with Ryker in the garden and watching the kids on the Slip and Slide. Also I took the kids to the pool too. All in all it has been a very busy yet fun week.


Taylors Make Four said...

Don't you just love blogging about family? I'm going to add your blog to my favorites on my blogspot! The kids are adorable!